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Dr. Bhalja – A toenail specialist & surgeon in NYC


Doctor Aakruti Bhalja, DPM is an experienced toenail treatment expert and Surgeon known for her proven procedures, experience and caring attitude. Call us now to schedule an appointment for any toenail related issues.

There has been growing concern from people having pains in their toenails as what is the cause, and quick remedy to get rid of the pains. Yes indeed, pains in the toe area are so painful and it makes the victim very uncomfortable. If you live in NYC and you are having any kind of toenail pains, don’t hesitate to reach to our office and let us get you treated as we are specialists in all kinds of toenail injuries. We advise using surgery when it is needed and when it is not, we do know how to still get you treated.

What are toenails injuries?

Looking at the various toenails injuries, we do say ingrown toenail is the most common, and it mostly affects the big toe. An ingrown toenail happens when the top corner or side of the toenail grows into the flesh next to it. A lot of ingrown toenails can be treated with home care successfully. But if in a case where the victim has some complications, such as several ingrown toenails or a skin infection, then surgery will be the only way to get it treated. However, people with diabetes or other conditions that affect the foot are the ones that certainly do need surgery as the only way out in treating them. The common causes of ingrown toenails are;

  • wearing shoes that are too tight around your toe
  • toenail naturally grows into a curve
  • toe injury
  • cutting your toenails too short

What Is Toenail Surgery And When Is It Needed?

Those infected with toenails injuries often gets treated at home with some common home recommended measures such as soaking the toe in warm water, keeping the area clean to help it heal on its own, or by wearing sandals to avoid putting pressure on the toe. If the condition still gets worse after trying out these measures, then the victim is advised to see a physician or a doctor. If you happen to live in NYC and its environs, quickly get to our office now and let us examine your condition. Cross-Examination by the physician or doctor will tell if the condition has gotten to surgery level.

The Most Common Surgeries For Ingrown Toenails

  • Wedge Resection

 In this process, the doctor removes a portion of the toenail to prevent it from getting into the skin. This procedure is called a partial nail avulsion.

  • Matrixectomy

This involves the removal of the nail bed in addition to the nail. This procedure may be necessary if wedge resection or nail removal fails.

  • Toenail Removal

This method is called a complete nail plate avulsion. It is a process where the doctor or physician decides to remove the toenail completely.

  • Tip Of The Toe Surgery

This is used when the victim is not suitable for other conditions; the physician or doctor may decide to reshape and remove the soft tissue which is at the tip of the toe.

We are specialist in toenail surgery and looking at any toenail condition, we can tell which method is suitable for the victims treatment.



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We offer our toenail related medical services to the entire five boroughs of New York City and that of course includes Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn & Bronx. Our unique procedures and thorough medical offerings are offered in our Downtown office in the Financial District. Our practice is easily accessible by public transportation from almost anywhere in the Lower Manhattan area including the Lower East Side, Tribeca, Financial District, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Soho, Chelsea, East Village, Murray Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg and the local zip codes of course (10038, 10007, 10022, 10005, 10006, 10280, 10004, 11201, 11251 11217, 11211, 11231 & 10013). Schedule an appointment today at our pleasant and spacious facility which is conveniently accessable by public transporation form anywhere in the Big Apple.





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