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Dr. Bhalja – A Hammetoe specialist & surgeon in NYC

Doctor Aakruti Bhalja, DPM is an experienced Hammertoe Surgeon known for her proven procedures, experience and caring attitude. Call us now to schedule an appointment for any medical issues relating to hammertoe.

A hammertoe is a flexible or rigid contrac­tion usually affecting the second, third, fourth or fifth toes. Most often a biome-chanical abnormality results in the larger muscles of the foot and leg overpowering the smaller intrinsic muscles of the foot. Muscle imbalance leads to a bending or “buckling” of the toe joints. These buckled or contracted positions create any number of problems within and on top of the toe deformity. One or more small joints become prominent on top of the malpositioned toe. Tendons, ligaments and joint capsules in that area have a greater chance of tightening and shortening. Shoe irritation of the deformed digit corns, skin inflammation and inability to wear shoes comfortably. If left untreated, these conditions can progress to ulcers or infections.

A flexible hammertoe refers to a reducible hammertoe in contrast to the rigid hammer­toe where the deformity is fixed or not easily straightened. There are many causes of ham-mertoes. Some are congenital, hereditary or acquired. An inherited condition may mean an inherited muscle imbalance around the toe or a parent with an abnormally long toe. An acquired hammertoe refers to those caused by short stockings or short/pointed shoes, espe­cially where a long toe is present. Arthritic patients and those with diabetic neuropathy can be more susceptible to hammertoes.


1. What causes hammertoe?

Most of the time hammertoe is caused by poor-fitting shoes. It is very important to choose shoes that are comfortable and the correct size and shape for your feet. In New York City, where we are located, this is even more important since residents tend to be walking often. Additionally, genetics can play a role in the shape of your foot and injury to the foot or spine can cause hammertoe.

2. What are common Symptoms?

Hammertoe can usually be diagnosed visually during an examination, looking at the shape of the affected toe, and sores or calluses. Your hammertoe doctor may request x-rays or in order to better view the bone structure and know the severity of the case.

3. Who is at risk for hammertoe?

The risk for hammertoe is known to increase with age. Women have higher rates of hammertoe often because of uncomfortable shoes and high heels. Those with certain diseases like arthritis or diabetes can also be at higher risk. But even if you are not in one of these categories monitoring the health of your feet is important.

4. How can hammertoe be treated?

The single most common treatment for hammertoe (if caught early on) is better quality and properly fitting shoes. There are also inserts and pads that are sold to help provide extra comfort. In more serious cases surgery is an option, and a knowledgeable Podiatrist should be consulted sooner than later. At Downtown Podiatry Physicians we pride ourselves in the best hammertoe surgery NYC has to offer.


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We offer our Hammertoe related medical services to the entire five boroughs of New York City and that of course includes Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn & Bronx. Our unique procedures and thorough medical offerings are offered in our Downtown office in the Financial District. Our practice is easily accessible by public transportation from almost anywhere in the Lower Manhattan area including the Lower East Side, Tribeca, Financial District, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Soho, Chelsea, East Village, Murray Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg and the local zip codes of course (10038, 10007, 10022, 10005, 10006, 10280, 10004, 11201, 11251 11217, 11211, 11231 & 10013). Schedule an appointment today at our pleasant and spacious facility which is conveniently accessable by public transporation form anywhere in the Big Apple.

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