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Doctor Aakruti Bhalja, DPM is an experienced Diabetic Foot-Care procedures expert known for her proven treatments, experience and caring attitude. Call us now to schedule an appointment for any Diabetic Foot Care related issues.



There are some human diseases that tend to affect other parts of the body; these diseases have their bad effect in the body already but still find a way to worsen the pain by affecting other body parts that entirely should not have a business with it. We are glad science has evolved and has helped track the root of some of these diseases through their symptoms; we would do be wrong in guessing the cause with mere thinking. Example of such disease is diabetes affecting the feet. So how does diabetes affects the feet and what is the connection?

Dr. Bhalja is a highly reviewed diabetic foot specialist.


dr. Bhalja was wonderful. She took the time to explain the procedure i was having done. She also answered all my questions with patience. – Ann


I’ve been treated by Dr. Bhalja of Downtown Podiatry Physicians over the years. The practice dealt with my Plantar Fasciitis and ankle issues as well as arch/heel problems. It’s close to Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan so the location is perfect. In every instance the Dr. was thorough in my examination and correctly assessed the location/cause of the pain I experienced- P. Badami.

What is Diabetes?

This is a disease that causes low sensitivity to insulin or insufficient insulin production. We do know that Insulin is a very important hormone which is responsible for helping cells in the body to absorb sugar from the blood to use for energy. Whenever this process does not work correctly, the sugar keeps circulating in the blood, thereby causing different health problems. High sugar levels staying in the blood for too long can damage many areas of the body, and the feet are not exempted.

Foot problems in diabetes

There are two major foot problems which are caused by diabetes in the body; these two problems have similar symptoms. They are;


  • Peripheral vascular disease

    Diabetes causes changes in the blood vessels, even in the arteries. Peripheral vascular disease occurs when fatty deposits block vessels beyond the heart and brain. When this happens, it tends to affect blood vessels leading to and fro even in the extremities part of the body, (such as the feet and hands), thereby reducing blood flow to those parts. We all know that reduced blood flow in the body can lead to pain, infection, and wounds that heal slowly. An individual leg or arm suffering from a shortage of blood may result in amputation if the infection is that severe.

  • Diabetic neuropathy

    Diabetes in the body can cause nerve damage that leads to numbness in the feet. This makes it hard for people with diabetes to feel sensation upto their limb. It doesn’t stop there; over time, diabetes is also responsible for making a person with diabetes feel soreness, irritation, or infection on the feet. What this means is that they may never notice when their shoes are rubbing and this lack of sensation can lead to an increased risk of blisters, cuts, and sores. If the victim is not treated quickly, ulcers and gangrene can develop. Once the person develops gangrene, amputation is always the suggested solution.

Symptoms of Diabetes Foot Disease

Foot symptom may vary from individual to individuals. However, the most common might include;

  • numbness or tingling sensation
  • a loss of feeling
  • red streaks
  • blisters or other wounds without pain
  • skin discoloration and temperature changes
  • staining on socks
  • wounds with or without drainage
  • painful tingling

If you experience any of the following symptoms and you live in NYC, and you have diabetes, don’t panic that you may lose your feet to amputation yet. Visit us at our office and let us see how we can get you treated.

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