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Treating foot conditions with orthotics

Orthotics are custom made medical devices that are used to correct various mechanical foot issues. There is a wide variety of medical conditions that can be effectively treated with orthotics:

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How are orthotics made?

After your doctor performs a thorough evaluation of your condition, an orthotic fitting is performed. Precise measurements of your foot are taken, and your gait is reviewed. Those finding are sent to a specialized laboratory. At the laboratory, a custom made orthotic is made for you.

Dr. Aakruti bhalja is an expert in using orthotics in treating the above-mentioned conditions. If you have plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, neuroma, tendonitis, then an orthotic treatment may be indicated for you.


Dr. Bhalja is a highly reviewed Orthotics treatments specialist.


dr. Bhalja was wonderful. She took the time to explain the procedure i was having done. She also answered all my questions with patience. – Ann


Absolutely love dr. Bhalja. She has amazing bedside manner and super knowledgeable. – Adam

If you have any further questions regarding orthotics, our board-certified foot specialist is available for a consultation.

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