Bunions are a bump or lump which develops on the side of your big toe. They grow on the first joint where your toe connects with your foot and depending on their severity can vary in size. Most are uncomfortable, tender, or are red. As they grow larger can be very painful and interfere with normal everyday activities. Similar to other foot growths and conditions they can be caused by different things after a visit to a local foot specialist can be easily diagnosed.

Poor Fitting Shoes

Any podiatrist or doctor dealing with the feet will be the first to tell you of the importance of having shoes that are high quality and fit you properly. By having shoes that are too small, don’t provide the correct support, or too narrow you can easily develop a number of foot abnormalities. Bunions is one of the major ones and it is even known to affect girls in their early teens more than others. This is thought to be because girls of this age generally start changing their style of shoes into more fashionable shoes that are not made for comfort.


Those who have a history of bunions in their family could be more likely to suffer from them. The major cause of genetic-based bunions is the shape of the foot. Based on the shape of your foot, your toes can point towards the center toes instead of forward.  Over time the bone in the toe will get worse, and if the underlying causes are not treated will become more painful.


Diseases that affect your bone or feet can be a leading cause of bunions.  Arthritis is a common example because it specifically changes the shape of your bones. It is vital that a podiatrist who specializes in bunion treatments has a look at your bunion as easily as possible to make the necessary changes. Sometimes it means simply changing your shoes or soles. Sometimes it means surgical options, but without a diagnosis, it is impossible to tell.


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