All athletes, runners, bodybuilders, or anyone involved in any performance-based industry know the importance of your feet. Beyond the basic understanding of having healthy feet for walking, running, jumping, it becomes clear that your feet are literally the foundation of your body. Having healthy feet contribute to our balance, and must be taken care of to prevent diseases, promote blood circulation, and treat any injury early on. This is why visiting your local Sports Podiatrist is so important for athletes.

What is a Sports Podiatrist?

A Sports Podiatrist is a foot specialist who studied podiatry in medical school. Their focus and specialize in dealing with not just sports-related injuries in the feet. They know what symptoms and warning signals are the results of different injuries or disorders and how to diagnose and treat them as early as possible. Here in NYC Downtown Podiatry Physicians is one of the top Podiatrists in the city.

Sports Podiatry often works with athletes or physically active individuals who are having issues, with bones, fractures, ligaments, and tendons in the lower limbs and feet. Blood flow and balance are also major points of concern for those who are on their feet constantly. By checking things like your walk, and which parts of your foot receive the most pressure they can narrow down any abnormalities that might be caused by your feet. Shoe inserts specially shaped and prescribed by a podiatrist is a great first start for anyone looking to improve the health of their feet.

A seemingly less serious malady that many athletes suffer from is related to fungus, calluses, and blisters. These can be caused by poor-fitting shoes, friction, sweat, socks, or shoes that don’t allow your feet to breathe properly and many other things. If not treated early on the fungus and other disorders can spread or get worse.


Maintaining healthy feet is essential for all those who have an active lifestyle. Make an appointment within our office in downtown Manhattan today to have your questions answered and start your treatment today:

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