An ingrown toenail is a fairly common ailment when the corner of the toenail grows into the skin surrounding the nail. It can cause discomfort, swelling, tenderness, and even infection and bleeding. They are best identified and treated as early as possible by your local podiatrist to prevent infection and to stop the pain before it is unbearable. Although anyone is susceptible to ingrown toenails there are certain factors that put certain individuals at higher risk. We have created a short reference to what are some of the common causes of ingrown toenails.

Cutting nails too short

Those who cut their toenails too short risk causing ingrown toenails. This is actually the number one cause of ingrown nails. When you cut a nail too short, it risks having the skin around the nail folding over the nail. Then when the nail grows it will puncture the skin and become an ingrown nail. Additionally, those who receive pedicures from inexperienced technicians can be at higher risk when the nail is cut too short.

Small shoes

Another major cause of ingrown toenails is from shoes that are either too small or too thin. This is common for both teens experiencing a growth spurt and women who wear high heels or dress shoes that are ill-fitting. When shoes or socks are too tight it prevents proper movement of the toes, and repetitive use can cause the nail to start growing down into the skin.

Minor injuries

There are a few common scenarios where people are more likely to receive injuries which would cause ingrown nails. The two most common are stubbing your toe or dropping something heavy on your toe.  Athletes who use their feet a lot like soccer players, gymnasts, ballerinas,  and can be very likely to stub their toe and damage the nail or skin which can lead to ingrown nails. People that work with heavy equipment like construction workers also risk dropping on their feet and damaging their nails.

Diseases that affect circulation

Some diseases such as diabetes or certain heart disease limit circulation to the extremities, specifically the feet. When there is poor circulation to the feet, they can easily begin to swell, causing the skin to fold over the nail. Swollen feet puts these people at higher risk as well. Meeting with an experienced foot and toenail specialist who is familiar with various treatments can be a great way to prevent ingrown nails before they become a  major problem.

The best option is always to catch your ingrown toenails early on. If you think you need a professional medical opinion, for surgical or non-surgical treatments, schedule an appointment with:

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